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The CPSI is proud to be a co-organiser of the 2024 ICEGOV Conference to be held from 1 to 4 October 2024.  The theme for this year’s conference is Trust and Ethical Digital Governance for the World We Want.


ICEGOV is the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, an annual gathering bringing together academia, governments, international organisations, civil society, and industry to share the latest insights and experiences in the theory and practice of Electronic Governance, also referred to as Digital Governance.

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Who is The CPSI?

 The Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) was established in 2001 by Cabinet and reporting to the Minister for the Public Service and Administration with the mandate to entrench the culture and practice of innovation in the public sector.

In 2008 it became the first National Government Component as listed in Schedule 3A of the Public Service Act of 1994 (as amended).


What Is Public Sector Innovation?

The work of the CPSI is guided by our understanding of innovation in a public sector context:

The creation and implementation of new service delivery solutions (systems, processes, methods, models, products and services) resulting in significant improvements in outcomes, efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

The current definitions of Public Sector Innovation however do not adequately articulate innovative responses to complexity where a focus on “solutions” may not be sufficient, nor having a view beyond the present (anticipatory innovation).

How Do We Achieve This?

We work closely with service delivery departments and institutions and partners to entrench the culture and practice of innovation in the public sector. This we do through various initiatives to unearth innovation from across the public sector, recognise and reward innovators, demonstrate, co-develop new and facilitate the replication of innovations and support the mainstreaming of these innovations.

  • We are demand-driven
  • We value multi-stakeholder engagement, co-design, co-development and partnerships
  • We leveraging ICT and an enabler of innovation
  • We embrace diversity as a source of creativity