Corporate Services

Located in the Executive Director’s office, the Corporate Services units seek to ensure that the CPSI has:

  • effective strategic leadership, administration and management,
  • complies with all relevant legislative prescripts,
  • Sound corporate governance and accountability.

The core function of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer is to provide overall management of the financial affairs of the CPSI. The sub-program provides services to support planning, controlling and monitoring financial performance targets through its units, namely: supply chain management and financial management.

The core function of the Strategic Management unit is the management of the strategic cycle activities as well as providing other administrative services to ensure the smooth running of the CPSI.

The Programme Administration is further responsible for the provision of corporate services to the CPSI through work carried under three units, namely; Information Communication Technology, Human Resource Management and Development as well as Logistics and Facilities Management. The three units play a strategic role in enabling and supporting all workstreams within the CPSI with human and physical space resources and operational tools to meet their strategic objectives.

Some services are rendered by the Department of Public Service and Administration through a Memorandum of Understanding, including Internal Audit, Legal Service and Internal Labour Relations.

Research and Development

The Research and Development Component provides capacity in support of the selection and development of potential innovative solutions as well as the testing and piloting of these solutions.

This work stream is informed by the need to understand the fundamental causes of service delivery challenges, policy failures, or policy implementation failures. Based on the in-depth analysis and re-framing of the identified challenges, current services can be improved or new interventions developed.  Collaboration, co-design and co-development with departments, private sector, civil society and research institutions are critical for developing sustainable solutions.

The component also has a forward-looking (futures) responsibility to ensures that the public service becomes more anticipatory and proactive in identifying emerging strategic opportunities whilst mitigating potential risks.

Solution Support and Incubation

The objective of the work stream is to demonstrate, replicate and mainstream innovative solutions (ICT and non-ICT) for the public sector.  The component identifies replicable innovations from our Public Sector Innovation Awards programme and other innovation competitions and facilitate the replication thereof.

The component further conducts sector-specific workshops introducing decision-makers to innovations in those specific fields.

Enabling Environment

The objective of this work stream is to create and sustain an enabling environment for innovation by entrenching a culture and practice of innovation in the public sector through innovative platforms and products. The Enabling Environment aims to change the mind-set of public servants and instill in them a self-challenging attitude to do even better. This is done to encourage the continuous development of public servants to build a cadre of effective and innovative leaders that are creative and responsible risk takers and to cultivate and harness thought leadership on innovations. The component’s two flagship inititives are the Annual Public Sector Innovation Conference and the annual awards programme that facilitates the unearthing of innovative approaches and solutions and promotes internal recognition and acknowledgement of innovators.