Innovation Offers

Innovation Offers are prototypes posted by researchers and entrepreneurs looking for co-development partners, piloting environment and commercial opportunities. 

Guardian Health

by Guardian Health

Guardian Health Platform is a platform that uses data science and artificial intelligence to make public health processes more efficient particularly for community health workers and primary health care facilities. At the beginning, we have a booking system that allows people to book clinic visits and community health worker visits including the reasons/department they are visiting. This allows us to use data analytics and forecasting methods to do resource planning and allocation of resources reducing the load at public clinics. 


Smart task allocation is done for CHWs together with route planning to ensure that they do all their tasks efficiently. The system allows for clinics and community health workers to work together to manage patients that need some care from home or that miss their medication collection. The booking and reasons also allow for clinics to be able to empower community health workers with information to better assist the patients that would have booked. The virtual consultation component allows them to call in to the clinic for assistance from a nurse on how to assist the patient or if the patient needs to be referred to a facility.


We use machine learning algorithms to detect fetal abnormalities and the risk of a caesarean section. This enables pregnant women to be referred to the relevant facilities where they can receive help timeously. It also reduces the load at hospitals as low risk mothers can give birth at the clinic with ease.

BLOQQ Health App


Bloqq is and digital mobile health diary that helps chronic patients optimize their health better. It does so by automating and digitizing the following patient fundamentals:

  • Doctor appointment management 
  • Medical intake management 
  • NLP AI Nurse 
  • Diet recommendations 
  • Emergency button

This technology makes it possible for hospitals to safely store data like medical records and share it with the authorized professionals or patients. This can improve data security and even help with accuracy and speed of diagnosis. Health pattern tracker diary 

This platform will ultimately centralize the hospital’s patients base relieving it from issues such as communication, awareness, bottlenecks and other administrative burdens. This system is also very flexible and will allow hospitals to prioritize different matters to directly communicate to patients e.g. the current covid pandemic awareness.


by UJ Technopreneurship Centre

An application that uses Artificial intelligence to improve learning. It does this by using optical character recognition to read problems from textbooks and thereafter provides guided step by step solutions. Algebrax is a cloud-based application, meaning it leverages internet resources to perform all the hardware intensive tasks