Welcome to our new interactive Guide to Public Sector Innovation.

There are many playbooks and tools available online, such as those from the OECD and NESTA, and we will continuously update these pages as new ones are published. Below we would like to provide you with a simple way to navigate through your innovation journey. But remember, it is not linear or circular or a spiral. The journey is iterative, not always starting at point 1 and some steps may have to be repeated.

Along the way we hope to also share our own insights and experiences of this wonderful world of public sector innovation.

Be prepared that the journey may end in failure, or that someone will have to take the difficult decision to stop the process. We do not believe in “fail fast” as some of the best innovations are born out of sheer determination and persistence. But failure is inevitable and learning from failure invaluable.

Click anywhere on the illustration below to learn more or use the index on the side to navigate through the guide. (And click again to remove the pop-up.)