This year the CPSI conference was held in Cape Town, the 2014 World Design Capital.

The theme of the conference was: Building an innovative state machinery for maximised service delivery impact

The CPSI annually hosts a conference where decision-makers and practitioners are exposed to innovative practices and where experts provide guidence towards building an innovative public sector.

The 2014 CPSI Public Sector Innovation Conference was held on 19 & 20 August 2014, at the Westin in Cape Town.

The Conference is one of the important platforms that the CPSI uses to effectively drive its strategic mandate to champion innovation in the public sector.

The Conference theme: Building an Innovative State Machinery for Maximised Service Delivery Impact

The theme of this year’s conference as reflected above highlighted the importance of adopting innovation as a key requirement for achieving government’s priorities in line with the National Development Plan. It reinforced the need for Government to consolidate its various functions into a symmetrical and integrated state machinery in which all state entities across the three spheres of government collaborate to tackle service delivery and governance challenges innovatively.

Twenty years into the democratic dispensation and with a track record of service delivery that is on an upward trend, South Africa has once again challenged itself further with the adoption of the National Development Plan (NDP). The Plan is a roadmap that ‘places a higher premium on making specific choices to launch the country onto a higher growth trajectory’.

For government to achieve Vision 2030 which is outlined in the NDP, it would have to make major adjustments both at policy and operational levels to facilitate the safeguarding of citizens’ health, wellbeing, security, education, jobs and to combat poverty.

The public sector is consistently under enormous pressure to develop capabilities that are concomitant with the challenges at hand, including agility, flexibility and speed to respond effectively and relevantly. The South African Government’s competitiveness will rely on an active programme of Innovation that permeates the fabric of the public sector, business and society. Innovation is critical in meeting the targets as spelled out in the NDP.

This conference exposed the public sector and its strategic partners to innovation opportunities and strategies, through sharing of knowledge and experiences. It provided a strategic opportunity for the Public Sector and stakeholders in business, academia and civil society to collectively explore a range of areas where government in South Africa can and should deliver services in creative and cost effective ways. It also showcased already existing technologies that citizens use in their daily lives, that government can take advantage of to deliver services.

A number of high-level presentations drew insights from a wide range of experts and practitioners. As part of the conference, the CPSI also selected prime case studies that demonstrate how innovation can transform service delivery.


An Innovative State Machinery towards Vision 2030

For government to deliver on the apex priorities and successfully drive the developmental agenda towards Vision 2030 in the NDP, it would have to make major adjustments both at policy and operational levels to facilitate the safeguarding of citizens’ health, wellbeing, security, jobs and to combat poverty.

This sub-theme identified innovation as a pillar for an integrated, coordinated government that can effectively deliver on Vision 2030. It served as an anchor for a high level ministerial round table where the Public Service and Administration and Science and Technology ministers engaged on key government priority areas and articulated their commitment to innovation as a critical vehicle to achieve Vision 2030.