About Us

What is the CPSI?

The Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) was established in 2001 by the Minister for the Public Service and Administration. In 2008 it was re-launched as the first Government Component to be established in terms of the Public Service Act, as amended in 2007.
  • We are demand-driven
  • We value multi-stakeholder engagement, co-design, co-development and partnerships
  • We leveraging ICT and an enabler of innovation
  • We embrace diversity as a source of creativity
  • We engage with the future as a source of strategic opportunities

What is Public Sector Innovation

The work of the CPSI is guided by an understanding of innovation in a public sector context as: The creation and implementation of new service delivery solutions (systems, processes, methods, models, products and services) resulting in significant improvements in outcomes, efficiency, effectiveness and quality. 01
A solution focused Public Sector through innovation. 02
To entrench a culture and practice of innovation in the Public Sector. 03
To facilitate the investigation of service delivery challenges, the unearthing, development, piloting and implementation of innovative ideas, and promote an enabling environment for innovation within and throughout the public service.

Recent Annual Reports, Performance Plans & Strategic Plan

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Annual Performance Plan 2021/22


Annual Performance Plan 2020/21


Annual Performance Plan 2019/20


Annual Report 2020/21

Annual report

Annual Report 2019/20

Annual report

Strategic Plan 2020/25

strategic plan