22nd Public Sector Innovation Awards


The CPSI, in collaboration with the Department of the Premier, Western Cape, launched the 22nd Public Sector Innovation Awards on 9 May 2024.

At the launch, a number of previous winning projects from the province, including the 2023 Innovator of the Year, Groote Schuur Hospital, presented their projects.  Below are the presentations made on the day. 

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Closing date: 30 August 2024

Overview of the Awards Programme

Innovative Disease Monitoring in Canola Crops

IM EMS Service Desk

Reuse of Autoclave Waste Water

2024 PSI Awards Entry Form

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Awards Category entered for (Choose only one per project):
· Replication and Adaptation of Innovative Solutions (Category A)

This category focuses on the enhancement of existing solutions. The category seeks to showcase the importance of replication and scaling of innovation in other contexts and environment. Previous entries that can demonstrate new enhancements are welcome to enter.

· Citizen-focussed Innovations harnessing non-ICT solutions (Category B)

This category celebrates the innovative use of citizen-focussed non-ICT solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery at the coalface. The emphasis is on citizen benefit and what has been done to make their experience of government service pleasant, hassle free, effective and efficient.

· Innovations harnessing Technology – ICT and other frontier technologies. Frontline Services and Back Office (Category C)

This category recognises digital transformation and the use of technology in a new way, including the application of emerging technologies such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and the innovative use of Big Data to significantly improve service delivery or to enhance internal efficiencies and effectiveness.
Contact Detail of Project Manager

If you enter for Category 1 (Replication) state the original project being replicated and how long the replicated/scaled project has been operational. (Provide contact details of the original project being replicated) *If entering for Category 1, also state the project’s original name before replication/ scaling and impact
Has this project previously been entered into the CPSI Awards?

Provide the reason for starting the project *Explain how this innovation is solving the identified service delivery challenge *Project needs to be in existence for at least 12 months. Project needs to have an improvement/enhancement in the last 12 months

Explain what is innovative/ unique /novel about the project? • Can you demonstrate the newness of the solution in the specific environment? • Is it an adaptable/replicable ? • Refer to our definition of INNOVATION: “The process of transforming an idea into a new or improved product, service, process or approach which fulfils the mandate of government and enhances service delivery.

Explain the relevance of the innovation with regard to the seven priorities of government or provincial priorities. • How does the project contribute to the achievement of the NDP and the priority outcomes, or to the SDGs or AU Agenda 2063
Indicate which of the 7 priorities are addressed by the project:

· What service delivery improvements have been achieved? · Provide evidence of these improvements and quantify benefits where possible (e.g. increased number of beneficiaries, savings achieved, reduction in waiting times, etc.)

· How is the project currently being sustained? · What has been put in place to ensure long-term sustainability?

· Can the project be further replicated/scaled? · Did other entities copy it to improve service delivery in their organizations? Give examples. · If you are entering the project for Category 1, kindly reflect on how the original project was adapted for replication/scaling (demonstrate the enhancements to the original project)

· What problems where experienced during implementation and how were these solved? · What did you learn during the implementation of the project? · What advice would you give to those interested in replicating this project?

· Has the original project won any awards? If yes, kindly provide additional information.
The following legally binding declaration should accompany the submission: