The 21st Annual CPSI Public Sector Innovation Awards 


The 21st Public Sector Innovation Awards ceremony took place on 24 November 2023 at Emperors Palace in Gauteng. The PSI Awards were conferred to public sector innovators for the 21st edition of the Public Sector Innovation Awards Programme.

Prizes were awarded in four categories and the winners were as follows:

In the Citizen-Focused Innovations Category, the first prize went to the Smart Agriculture Box, Mpumalanga, followed by Multi-Disciplinary Package Project, Western Cape as 1st runner-up, and Little Movements, Gauteng as 2nd runner-up.

 In the Category Innovations Harnessing Technology (ICT & Other Frontier Technologies) Category, IM EMS from the Western Cape emerged as the category winner, followed by Information Security Management System from Western Cape as 1st runner-up, and eThekwini Strat Hub, Kwazulu-Natal as the 2nd runner- up. 


The winner in The Replication and Adaptation of Innovative Solutions Category was the Water Savings Initiative from Western Cape, while Monitoring of Sclerotinia Plant Disease from Western Cape emerged as 1st runner up followed by the SALGA Matrix by the South African Local Government Association as 2nd runner up.


In the fourth and final category, Innovation Harnessing Technology to improve Frontline, the winner was Linkage to Care from Gauteng, while Digital Patient Journey from Eastern Cape emerged as 1st runner-up and Citizen Centric Digital Transformation, Western Cape ended in 2nd runner up position.

In addition to the four main categories, there were other awards that were conferred:

The Public Sector Innovation Trailblazer Awards, which seeks to recognise public sector system developers behind in-house built solutions, went to the following winners:

· Mr. Arie Van Ravenswaay – Monitoring Sclerotinia Plant Disease, Western Cape;

· Kutlwana Chaba – SALGA Matrix;,

· IM EMS Team- Western Cape

· Dr. Sandile Mbatha – eThekwini Strat Hub- KZN;

· Dr. Jonathan Naude – Linkage to Care – Western Cape;

· Mr. Anton Strydom and his Team – Digital Patient Journey, Eastern Cape, and

· Mr Philani Mkhize- Case Management System – Public Protector South Africa.

The Special Ministerial Award went to Case Management System from Public Protector South Africa as well as Izipho Zokuphila from KwaZulu-Natal


 The CPSI also partnered with:

· BCX, through which the BCX Award was awarded to the Information Security Management System, Western Cape.

· The Metropolitan Health Group, through which the Metropolitan Award was awarded to the Water Savings Initiative, Western Cape.

The highly coveted prize of Public Sector Innovator of the Year Award was scooped by Water Savings Initiative from Groote Schuur Hospital, Western Cape Health.

The innovation is anchored on the re-use the waste water produced by autoclaves that are used to sterilise surgical instruments. Normally this waste water is discarded through the sewer system. The hot water from the autoclaves is redirected through an after cooler into holding tanks from where the water is re-used. This system is simple in design it requires very little maintenance and is easy and cheap to install.

The introduction of this innovation has reduced the overall water consumption of the hospital thus reducing the general running costs. This has led to a saving of an estimated 1million litres of water per week which equates to an estimated saving of 54 million litres of potable water per year thus reducing our Carbon Footprint drastically. The hospital saved just over 11 million rands over the past 4 years. The hospital used the savings to upgrade wards and procure new medical equipment to further improve the overall health care.

The finalists’ projects also received certificates and plaques